RAM Mounts

RAM® Mounts manufactures rugged and versatile mounting systems for cameras, tablets, and other mobile devices that can be attached nearly anywhere. Unlike other mounts on the market, RAM® allows you to secure devices where you need them most. The unique design of the RAM® Mounts system provides quick installation, adjustability, strength, vibration damping, and durability—all at a low cost. Backed by a lifetime warranty, RAM® uses powder-coated, marine-grade aluminum with lightweight and high-strength composites, stainless steel hardware, and rubber balls.


The rubber ball and socket design of our mounting systems offers a secure hold, with near-infinite adjustability and vibration damping for the most demanding environments. With thousands of components trusted by users around the world, we’ve been able to design and develop mounting solutions that consumers and companies previously only dreamed were possible.


Take your phone mount from your truck to your boat, or mix and match components to create your ideal mount. Because of the modularity of the RAM® system, you can customize your solution to fit your specific needs in almost any application.


A premium design deserves the highest quality materials available, from rubber and stainless steel to high-strength composites and marine-grade aluminum. Our facilities— including powder coating, die casting, rubber injection molding, and shock and vibration testing—help us deliver on this promise to bring you inventive mounting solutions.

Slip Resistant

The marine-grade aluminum and composite arm provides a strong hold that reduces slip on the rubber ball


RAM® Mounts offers a lifetime warranty on all mounting hardware