Gamber-Johnson is a leading supplier of rugged mounting systems that safely secure mobile communication systems, computers and other electronic equipment in fleet vehicles, public safety vehicles, forklifts and other mobility applications. Their products are used by law enforcement, public safety, military, and warehouse fleets around the globe and are known for being rugged, reliable and responsive. Founded in 1954 Gamber-Johnson is located in Stevens Point, WI.

Zebra Docking Station

Gamber-Johnson has an assortment of rugged vehicle docking stations and cradles to support Zebra Technologies rugged computers. Docking stations are available to support both Windows and Android Zebra computers. Feel free to browse the complete Gamber-Johnson product line.

Samsung Docking Station

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Powered Docking Stations are designed for the mobile worker that typically works outside the office including those in the transportation, logistics, and manufacturing fields. Our Samsung powered docking stations are ergonomically designed and well-suited for placement within the vehicle cabin.

Gamber-Johnson Other (universal)

Utilize a Gamber-Johnson universal cradle to securely mount almost any laptop or tablet computer. Our universal cradles feature keyed locks to secure the computer in place while being away from the vehicle. Adjust the width, length, and depth to perfectly enclose your device in the universal cradle.

Peripheral Mounts

With today’s mobile work environments being inundated with technology, Gamber-Johnson has you covered with a variety of peripheral and accessory needs to ease day-to-day tasks, improve ergonomics, and increase overall workplace productivity and safety.

Lift Vehicle Mounts

Gamber-Johnson has the right solution for you and your fleet, no matter what device you are trying to mount. We work closely with top computer OEM’s such as Dell, Getac, Panasonic, Samsung, and Zebra to ensure you can be confident in the fit and function of your mounting devices.

Gamber-Johnson Pedestal Systems

Pedestal systems mount your computer on a pole anchored to your floor or passenger seat. The systems include a vehicle-specific or universal leg kit, a 5” to 13” lower tube, and a height-adjustable upper pole from which you can mount your computer. Pedestal systems save space in a vehicle and work great in vans and trucks with a small console area.

Mobile Workstation Boxes

Featuring heavy-gauge steel construction for long-term durability, Gamber-Johnson’s workstation boxes are ideal for military, government, and utility use. Most boxes contain large locking storage areas for supplies and devices as well as a platform or pole from which you can mount a computer.


Gamber-Johnson is an industry leader in design innovation, manufacturing high-quality Toughbook® and Toughpad vehicle mounts and docking stations for use with Panasonic computers and handhelds.