Zirkona - Lightweight and Secure

The Zirkona product line features an innovative, encapsulated joiner that allows users to rotate their small, lightweight devices (up to 11 pounds depending on the joiner) to the best possible angle. This unique flexibility makes it possible to quickly adapt to the mobile workplace so that the user has an ergonomically correct position and minimal time is wasted fidgeting and repetitive adjustments on their equipment.

To configure the most ideal solution, simply choose a joiner that holds the maximum weight of the desired device, an extension piece, base plate, and mounting plate. Then simply install the desired device and go, knowing your technology is as secure as it is accessible.


Zirkona is a mounting solution that gives you more. Maximum versatility, flexibility and durability.



  • Holds a variety of devices
  • Multi-configurable
  • Withstands industry wear and tear
  • Moves all-axis for convenient device use • Available in three different sizes


Material Handling Mounts

Versatile mounts for your light-weight devices with an encapsulated ball design, all-aluminum construction and rigorous testing to ensure security and longevity in the harshest of material handling environments.

Zirkona Mounts help create an easy-to-use solution in many different environments including material handling, point-of-sale or desktop environments.


With an all metal construction, all axes movement and ability to hold a wide range of devices, Zirkona is more versatile, more durable and more flexible.



Certified, and has passed MIL-STD- 810G shock/vibration, RoHS, C-Tick, E Mark, and CE testing.


The Zirkona product line features an innovative encapsulated joiner that allows you to rotate your small, light-weight device (up to 11 lbs / 5 kg depending on the joiner) to any angle. Start with the base and then customize your solution based on the movement and flexibility you desire for your specific need.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Powered Docking Stations are designed for the mobile worker that typically works outside the office including those in the transportation, logistics, and manufacturing fields. Our Samsung powered docking stations are ergonomically designed and well-suited for placement within the vehicle cabin.


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